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Team Wendy Exfil LTP Bump Helmet with Binoculars

Team Wendy Exfil LTP Bump Helmet with Binoculars

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The Team Wendy Exfil LTP Bump Helmet is a lightweight ballistic helmet designed for tactical operations and bump protection. The night vision goggles in the image are most likely the ACTinBlack DTNVS (Dual Tube Night Vision System). This listing includes the night vision goggles only, not the helmet or any other accessories in the picture.


  • Primarily designed to offer bump protection from accidental head impacts and blunt trauma.
  • Not rated for ballistic protection against gunfire or shrapnel.

Comfort and Fit:

  • Lightweight construction for reduced neck strain and fatigue during extended wear.
  • Adjustable suspension system with comfortable padding for a secure and personalized fit.
  • Accommodates various head sizes and shapes.

Modular Design:

  • Equipped with hook-and-loop panels (Velcro) for attaching accessories like lights, cameras, night vision devices, and communication headsets.
  • Allows for customization to suit specific mission requirements.


  • Strategically placed vents improve airflow and breathability, reducing heat buildup and fogging.

Binocular Design:

  • Two eyepieces for natural depth perception, crucial for navigation and target acquisition in low-light environments.

Image Intensification Technology:

  • Utilizes image intensifier tubes to amplify existing ambient light or near-infrared light, creating a clear view in darkness. The specific tube type (e.g., Gen 3 Filmless White Phosphor) affects image quality and price.

Lightweight and Articulating Housing:

  • Constructed with a strong yet lightweight material for reduced neck strain during extended wear.
  • Individual eyepieces can be independently pivoted upwards for temporary deactivation or stowed away for a more compact profile. Pivoting the eyepieces also cuts power to conserve battery life.

Multiple Adjustments:

  • Features independent objective and diopter focus adjustments to fine-tune the image clarity for each eye.

Integrated Infrared Illuminator (IR):

  • Provides additional illumination in extremely dark environments. It can be useful for close-quarter operations but may give away your position at night.


  • Compatible with various helmet mounting systems (often sold separately) for hands-free operation.